About Weeklyb1te


Weeklyb1te is a website made to evaluate the different buffet restaurants inside the Metro Manila. It was created on November 2014 by four (4) food/buffet enthusiasts named Xavier Anthony B. Brigoli (Xavier), Yllona Jamaica R. Camacam (Jam), Lavern C. Dimaandal (Lavern), and Stephanie Marie E. Guilalas (Steph) which will serve as the admins of the website. Furthermore, Weeklyb1te is highly dedicated in helping other food/buffet enthusiasts in picking or choosing the best buffet restaurant that will suffice their cravings by evaluating these buffet restaurants and by providing them an initial idea of what they will experience in that restaurant. Aside from that, Weeklyb1te is also dedicated in helping the different buffet restaurants to be discovered by people who are not aware of them.

Every week, Weeklyb1te will cater one buffet restaurant that the admins have personally tried, and every 12:00 PM of Saturday of the week, one of the admins will be posting a blog about his/her experience with a particular buffet restaurant. Food groups, specialties, quality of service, price range, location and other needed information will be included in the entry. From these entries, people can easily browse through different buffet restaurants with sumptuous meals that would fit their budget and will surely satisfy their guilty pleasures. In this site, the admins will be able to share to everyone their experiences in every buffet restaurant that they’ve tried for them to be able to have a bit idea into where they will dine in.

As of this week, Weeklyb1te have already posted four (4) blogs entitled, “OOH LA LOVE DESSERTS”, “CHEAT DAY SATURDAY AT CABALEN”, “DO SOMETHIN’ FISHY”, and “ASIAN FOOD TRIP AT THE BUFFET ASIA RESTOBAR” which was written by each of the admins. Moreover, as per the layout of the website itself, the admins are still working on everything that would help the three-month-old website improve and attract more readers – from the logo to the actual design of the website as well as its Facebook Page. For now, Weeklyb1te will keep on posting blogs that will surely make your mouths water and will surely satisfy your guilty pleasures.