ChEAT day is always a fun day especially when we’re with friends. It was the 11th day of November 2014 when we gathered around our favorite place in the campus to talk about the next buffet restaurant that we will visit to replenish our vibes. Finding a good place to dine in requires so much time and effort because a lot of things should be considered first such as the proximity, budget, the meals their offer and things alike. This is something that boggles the mind of every person who plans to seek pleasure in this kind of activity. Because of this, we came up to the idea of creating a website that will lessen the burden of anyone who is planning to splurge on an eat-all-you-can spree with their friends and family. We named this website “Weeklyb1te”.

Weeklyb1te is the newest blog site that will evaluate the different buffet restaurants inside the Metro Manila. Every week, Weeklyb1te will cater one buffet restaurant that the admins have personally tried. Food groups, specialties, quality of service, price range, location and other needed information will be included in the entry. From these entries, people can easily browse through different buffet restaurants with sumptuous meals that would fit their budget and will surely satisfy their guilty pleasures.

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